Having a restricted budget does not mean that you should not get married. As a matter of fact, many of the people who are planning weddings are doing so on a budget. The only different is that some couples budget is usually larger than others. Taking this into consideration, if your wedding budget is rather tight, it is strongly advised that you don’t despair. This is mainly because there are very many alternative options for having your wedding on a budget.

Speaking of planning a wedding on budget, it is important to understand the fact that: the number of guests which you choose to invite is an extremely critical aspect in making sure that you stay within your budget estimate. When planning your wedding on a budget, inviting lots of people should be completely out of the question.

When it comes to the reception, the number of invited guests also plays a significant part in determining the difference in your original budget. Taking into consideration the fact that many people normally plan to have food catered at their reception, you will realise that there is a big different in terms of cost between having 100 people or 1000 people at your wedding reception.

An alternative for food at the reception is opting or a family cook off. This means, you gather various family members who enjoy cooking and then ask them to create casseroles and various food options for your wedding reception. In such a case, budget to buy the ingredients needed. In fact, you can even request your guests to give them to you as wedding gifts instead of you opting to buy them from you own pockets.

In addition to all to the above about having a wedding on a budget is to simply have a picnic or better yet barbecue style reception. Doing so has previously proven to help save on expenses in renting out reception halls.