Below is an overview of the 6 top money saving tips for cheap weddingvenues. They are a result of extensive research coupled with experiences from couples who previously have benefited from them. Just so you know, these strategies have previously proven to help spend significantly less on wedding preparation while still helping make sure that the actual dream is realised.

 The money saving tips include:

  1. Choosing a proper wedding date – it is strongly advised that you put a lot of thought into your wedding date. For instance, it should fall within the off season wedding period especially if you are planning your wedding on a tight budget. Also feel free to negotiate for a chance to secure cheap wedding venues amongst other things.
  2. Number of invited guests – as a couple it is strongly advised that you both engage in deciding who to invite to your wedding. Keep in mind, the number of guests who you choose to invite is one of the key factors that will help determine your choice of wedding venue.
  3. Combining the venues of the wedding reception and ceremony – you could easily save a lot of money if you arrange to have your wedding ceremony and the reception at the same place. You can also avoid this restriction by simply opting for a beach wedding.
  4. Cheap wedding venues that are just right for you – upon determining the wedding date and the number of invited guests, it is strongly advised that you proceed to start going through a list of cheap wedding venues to find that which suits you the best. Below are a few options to consider: the park, by the river, at the beach, local community halls, institution halls, the backyard or simply the church.
  5. Working out the total expenses–carefully work out the total expenses required, place a lot of emphasis on the rental of chairs and tables, decorations, stage set up amongst other things. In fact, you should also seriously consider the type of wedding menu as well.

In addition to all of the above about cheap wedding, it is strongly advised that you have a backup plan. What this means is that you should have a in your savings a couple of thousand dollars especially if you have chosen an outdoor wedding venue.