As an experienced orange county wedding photographer, I have to admit that I have had the privilege to shoot weddings in different locations in as well as around the county. However, thinking about the locations where I have previously had the opportunity to photograph wedding in, I would say with a lot of conviction that the following are by far my best personal top five orange country wedding venues

Bowers Museum

This venue is perfect for both outdoor and indoor weddings. It serves as a guarantee to significantly enhance the garden setting. Simply put, wedding photos are bountiful and downright fun to take at the bowers. You will be glad to learn that as part of the site rental, they also offer caterers which help make the planning of the wedding easier.

Sherman Library & Gardens

It is every photographers dream location. It serves as a guarantee to have your wedding ceremony and reception surrounded by foliage, exotic flowers and tiled patios to mention the least. Capturing on film this type of serene setting is always incredible. This is mainly because it gives the photographer several opportunities to create an artistic story with the beauty of nature.

Occasions at Laguna Village

Unlike the other orange county venues, it can best be described as stunning, breath-taking, magical, wonderful and generally perfect. All of the beach front wedding photographs would come alive following the crashing of each wave couple by the romance of the setting sun.

Everything taken into consideration about orange county wedding venues, Tivoli Too is also another intimate spacious venue which has proven to be beautiful especially at night taking into consideration the twinkle lights which are usually under the stars or the Spanish style which has a beautiful Spanish garden and casa.