A wedding planner is a professional who aids with the design, plan and management of a wedding that is entrusted unto them. A wedding is a special day and it also marks a significant step in one’s life. Since it comes once in a lifetime, many couples are always willing to spend a lot of money in order to make it memorable. Wedding planners are always considered by the couples who are usually working for the part of the day. This then leaves little time for them to organize and plan. A lot is entailed when it comes to wedding organizing. For example, one has to coordinate and get a beautiful venue as well as get the suppliers who will not fail them.

A Professional wedding planner can be sourced across the world. The planners can charge you according to the percentage of your wedding total cost. In most cases, wedding planners are very common with the couples who are arranging a destination wedding. This is usually so because there is a lot of paper work and documentation. If this was otherwise left to the couple in question it would turn out to be impossible.

There are different procedures that apply depending with the country and the nationality of either the bride or the groom and where the wedding is to take place. For example, if we have a US marrying a person from Italy, an affidavit sworn in front of us consulate will be needed.  This can be made easier for you by a local wedding planner who will take into consideration of all the procedures.

The services of a wedding planner are many and they include budget preparation, event design and styling, attendee list preparation, procurement of the customized decorations, venue scouting among many others.