What is the average cost of destination wedding? That would be the most possible question that anyone planning for a wedding. It will however be very helpful to know how much you would need to plan for in advance.

Wedding at home

If you are intending to have a home wedding, you should be ready to dig into your pocket for anything in the range of $20,000 to $40,000. This makes the cost of destination wedding to be way out of reach for many would-be couples. The all-inclusive cost of destination wedding packages changes the whole thing because the cost would be much cheaper. For example, if Caribbean was your destination, then excluding the cost of your stay, this would amount to just $1000. This is very much within the budget of most couples-to.

On the other hand though, you will realize that destination weddings tend to vary in terms of cost. You will for example realize that with just 100 people invited to wedding, the cost would be about $17,000. If you compare and contrast this with the traditional wedding at $25,000, you will appreciate the fact that cost of destination wedding should not encourage you rather than discourage.

Avoid the home or traditional weddings

Unless you have the money to splurge, then it would be advisable to avoid the home or traditional weddings. There are many costs that are hidden and only appear on your budget when it is too late to change anything. However, packages seem to be the perfect way to cut cost and have fun all the way.

Planning for destination resorts need not be a hassle because you only need to get the package that would suit your budget. All the rest of the details will be taken care of. What a fantastic way to have your wedding?