One of the reasons why people opt for the Atlanta wedding venues is that there are world class amenities. These amenities are what make your wedding unique. Let us however start with some of the most basic.


If you are hosting a big wedding, you would want catering services to be excellent. The service is not only excellent, but you will have more space than you bargained for. Mind you, when it comes to bridal showers, reception and meetings, space is very important. Thankfully, the Atlanta wedding venues is known for the spacious lounges and world class catering facilities.


A wedding venue that lacks pools and saunas would be considered incomplete. This is because the newlywed would want to spend quality time in the pool or sauna. The venues here in Atlanta have invested in the state-of-the-art pool sauna facilities for your enjoyment.

Health and fitness are the other facilities that people look for when shopping for wedding venues. You will be spending probably a couple of days there and what a better way to unwind than to work out and sweat the little stuff?


Valet parking is preferred by many guests visiting the wedding venues. The Atlanta wedding venues has plenty of this kind of parking and this could be the reason for it by many people who have personal cars and want to be assured of space.

The atrium lobby adds to the wide variety of the facilities which make these places stand out. If you are looking for meeting and events location, great dining rooms and excellent locations for shooting photos, you would never go wrong here.

Special packages

In conclusion, you would want to sample the special offers given for use of these features. They are highly subsidized so that you can afford.