Apart from just buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel for your wedding in the most far-flung destination to make your wedding very romantic, you need to be very careful when planning your destination wedding. This article is intended to make all your wedding plans a very simple as we believe that your wedding day is a special day and everything should run smoothly as planned.

  1. Peak the most elite location

Travel, time and budget are some of the key elements that should also determine your wedding location; don’t be fooled by the mood. Your personal style and passions should not only be the main elements in your wedding, your activities and overall vibe matters a lot.

  1. Scheduling

Last minute rush in  booking hotels, air tickets have always seen prices skyrocketing which is a common thing during the peak tourist season when most resorts  are experiencing optimum weather conditions  and all where there is a last minute rush,  large crowds, fewerhotels, higher rates and limited venue are always experienced. To avoid all this planning your destinationwedding bookings early 10 to 12 months prior to the actual day may avert you much of these troubles.

  1. Compliance Local Marriage Requirements

Not all countries share similar marriage requirements, each country has its “residency requirement” and it’s very important to first familiarize yourself with such legalities, for instance in England it is 7 days but in Turkey and Caicos couples are only allowed 24 hours. This means that it is impossible to just arrive a day or a two day earlier for the wedding ceremony, From my own take  France has the highest number of days that couple may have to part with, it requires you to be in the country 40 days earlier. Who know may be this is the best planning your destinationweddingcountry.