Destination weddings simply refer to a wedding that is done away from your hometown. It may involve just the two of you or better yet have family and close friends invited. It can also either be simple, elaborate, inexpensive or if you can afford as lavish as you desire.

Since destination weddings are the wedding trend of the day is the planning process anyway similar to that which is done in your hometown? Well, just so you now planning destination wedding is way much complicated than planning one in your own hometown.

In order to help make the planning phase much easier for you, below is an overview of some of the Key steps to follow, they include:

 Step one: Choosing and sending out invites to those you want in attendance.

Doing so is very important since besides helping you narrow down your destination choices, it will also arrange for the travel expenses of your guests as well as helping you know how many people will be able to attend your wedding making it easier to plan for other things such as accommodation etc. doing so will also help you set a reasonable date for your wedding which will allow your invitees to comfortably attend and share with you your big day.

Step Two: Draw up a Wedding Budget

You will agree and support the fact that: your heart might be telling you to head to the beaches of Costa Rica while your budget is screaming Las Vegas. Even though you might be looking forward to answering your hearts call, it is your budget that will have the last word.

Step Three: Consider the Marriage Laws

As strange as it may sound, there are some destinations which have strict marriage laws, it is therefore strongly advised that you go through the requirements of the specifics for marriage for the destination you are interested in having your wedding ceremony in.  Simply put, before you choose a location, make sure that you make time and familiarize yourself with the wedding laws of that location.

Step Four: Hire a Wedding Planner or DIY

Hire a professional and experienced wedding planner in the event that you are planning a large destination wedding since this is the only way through which you will be able to coordinate everything. However, in the event that the wedding will only involve the two of you that is you and your bride, then and only then can you choose to handle things yourself.


In addition to the above about destination weddings, choose a honeymoon destination and head out once the ceremony is over.