It’s all about doing something in a different way, have you ever dreamt  having a wedding on a casual,elegant,romantic,fun having and exciting place; like  the ocean side, it can’tgo wrong I guarantee you 100 %. Imagine the gentle breezes, emeraldwaters thatmake you want to wear the right costumes for this particular moment.

  1. Wedding on beach is the only place that would allow your guests to dress like as if they are not in a wedding but on a holiday, think of people in a beach and those in a church
  2. Think about the beauty that appears as most unique compared to any other wedding you may have attended far from the beach, for me I cannot stop imagining the endless white sand beaches, tropicalplants, flowers and miles of emerald-green sees all beautifying the wedding photos.
  3. Wedding on a beach can be very different from that of your family or friend, you just need to be distinctive and by this I mean you have to play with your themes elegantly your decorations, your flowers and anything that you may want to appear different
  4. I think this is the most important point of all, having a wedding on a beach means that you have minimized all unnecessary travels and you can save the rest for your honeymoon
  5. Having a wedding on a beach can just simplify everything, as opposed to traditional weddings where one needs many flowers, elaborate wedding gowns or a red carpet perception; this canprove to be a very relaxed affair.
  6. No need to worry about spending time with your family members at that particular wedding day, this is a destination-style wedding, no need to rush out to honeymoon you have all your time on this type of wedding.
  7. Imagine of a place where all your guests are in a relax position all having fun and enjoying the wedding without being formal as it would be in a traditional setting