If you fancy white sandy beaches, chateaus and post card worthy mountain peaks, then here are the top destination wedding locations for you.

  1. Arizona

Ski slopes, sandbanks, red rocks, you name it and this top destination wedding location will have it. Find the highest mountain in the state, Humphreys Peak, at Forested Flagstaff. A special-use license in hand and you can get hitched in Grand Canyon National park. Forultimate luxury relaxation, the south of the state is known as one of the top destination wedding locationsandhosts a number of high-end resorts. In Sedona, a Navajo or Hopi shaman will bless you as you make your way down the aisle while your guests enjoy on site Native American flute tunes. At the clerk of courts’ in your chosen county, avail both identifications and qualified birth certificate duplicates where necessary. Pay a $76 fee for a license and you are free to get hitched.

  1. Bahamas

The Versailles Gardens in Nassau popularize this destination wedding location. Non-stop flights and major hotels also add on to its allure.  Past Nassau is the picturesque Harbour Island with its pink-sand beaches, Andros Island with its enigmatic blue holes and the Abacos with its distinctive barhopping (boat needed). Marriage permits cost $120 at the resident administrators’ center. Requirements are passports, birth credentials, arrival date proof, and a declaration of divorce or proof of solitary status. It will take a day to get the license after application.

  1. Aruba

Aruba is also ranked among the top destination wedding locations. Its locale on the south side of the storm belt shields it from tropical hurricanes. Baby Beach is known for its sugar threads, abundant entertainment including 12 casinos and a multi ethnic history. Palm Beach is home to multi-storey hotels with smaller boutique hotels occupying Eagle Beach. Away from the beach and the land gets patchy and hilly, best seen at Arikok National Park. City hall hosts all weddings from Wednesday to Friday. Then you can hold a figurative ceremony later.