Marriage is a very personal union shared with kinfolk and friends. Lately, the trend among couples has been hosting their loved ones top destination weddings venuesand stating their vows there. These top destination weddings are characterized by toned down invitees making them a more intimate affair for the whole entourage. There exists numerous glamorous, seclude and picturesque locations for couples to choose from. The following are 8 of the top destination wedding sites:

  1. Hawaii

This is ranked as the top destination weddingsvenueowing to the multiple number of sites one can choose from in Hawaii. Perfect beaches, breath taking cliffs and picture perfect mountains contribute to the popularity of Hawaii as a top destination wedding venue. Photo identifications and a $60 charge are all the state requires.

  1. Jamaica

White-sand beach or the mountains are what you get with Jamaica. Couples have a choice to make here too. A 24 hour stay later, couples only need to present their passports and birth certificate duplicates, and pay $50 for them to be issued a marriage license.

  1. South Africa

Its outdoor quests make it to rank among the top destination weddings venuesfor adventure lovers. Couples can choose mountain summits or wildlife reserves to make their vows.

  1. Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, couples have a choice between the rain forest, the beach or a volcano. Flora and fauna courtesans have a chance to throw their dream wedding in this top destination wedding venue.

  1. Seychelles

Huge sand stone rocks all over the Seychelles beaches make this top destination wedding venue one of a kind. Mountain peaks with sweeping views of the beaches and ocean are among the choices for couples here.

  1. Bermuda

Pink sand beaches and pristine water makes this destination exquisite and perfect for a wedding.