Have you ever imagined yourself in exclusive, perfect locations, away from humanity? If so then you must have been in the wedding getaways of your dreams. These are locations where you not only choose for exchanging your vows but also for spending your honeymoon, wedding moons or vow renewals. There are few geographical locations which we could label perfect wedding getaways.  In this article, we are going to explore the various locations which could aptly be termed as perfect getaways.

Whites and beaches

Imagine yourself exchanging vows in some faraway place where you are surrounded by the white sand and the guests clad in white! It would be breathtaking. Imagine too, that this place is an island that has breathtaking scenery. Now, this is not imagination anymore because we have real locations which are highly affordable and have these and more features for you to savour. Belize comes to mind, though you would never go wrong with the Jamaica as it happens to have some of the most beautiful coastal beaches ever.

Gorgeous mountains

People are taking exchanging of vows to a whole new level and this could mean that even mountains are offering the perfect wedding getaways. On top of the mountain where there is tranquillity and a cool breeze sweeping across is just the perfect location for you to have the wedding.


The gardens and the well manicured lawns are also exquisite locations that anyone would like to have a wedding. They add colour and beauty to your wedding.

Finally, it would be important to add that the all-inclusive resorts are the dream destinations for those who not only want the wedding but are also keen to have an affordable price offer. The resorts offer meals, fan and whole family entertainment at a low price.