For those intending to getting married on the beach, there are a number of things that you simply cannot ignore .This is especially if you things to go smoothly. To begin with, you need to decide in advance whether you want it to a private or public one. The reason for this is that there are beaches that are open to the public and therefore you will not have all the privacy that you want if you are going to have a private wedding.

Are you going to hold ceremony or reception?

There are toe things involved when your are getting married on the beach. One is that you will either choose it as the place for the ceremony or simply choose it to be the place for the reception. Some people prefer either while others opt for both. It is really your take depending on how your budget is in terms of having a different location for the ceremony or the reception.


Plan in advance to have the permits and the ordinances. There are rules and regulations guiding such ceremonies. One should not   just choose a beach and the next day, you have guest trooping there without the knowledge of the authorities. There is the issue of safety, privacy and so on. All these count and therefore, one should give them priority.

Sound or amplification from the waves tends to mar an otherwise beautiful wedding at the beach. If you are intent on getting married on the beach, it would be a good way to know if the waves will be too loud as to mar your wedding. Everyone would want to hear you exchange the waves in such a serene atmosphere. It may just be unfortunate if you your voices would be swallowed by the waves.