The Chicago wedding venues have been the preferred wedding destinations and there is every reason to believe it is not by accident why you will find them to be so appealing. The following are the offers in these exclusive destinations.

Golf course

The golf courses are usually some of the most beautiful places where you can have your weddings or receptions.Chicago has plenty of them and this would mean that you will be spoilt for choice.

Swimming pools

Besides exchanging the vows and ring engagements, couples would want to spend time in the plush swimming pools to cools off. The Chicago wedding venues have large pools for all your enjoyment. The rates are just amazing and especially if you are looking at all –inclusive wedding destinations.

Tennis court

Are you into tennis? Well, there is a place where you will play tennis and have a feel of what world class tennis is all about. Paddle tennis would be all yours for the taking.

Fitness center

A wedding would be very boring without a fitness center. Thankfully, the Chicago wedding venues offers more than you bargained for. For this reason, savor the moment and pick any of these venues to be your getaway destination. You will be glad that you chose it since you will have everything that you turn your wedding getaway to be like those fairly weddings you see or hear about.


After a whole day of planning and the actual wedding, you would perhaps want to have a massage. The massage salon offers you an opportunity to relax and re-energize form the tight schedule that you have had for the last week or so.

Whether you are looking for the service and amenities, meetings and other exclusive offers, these are the ideal destination venues.