Cost of weddings has forced many couples-to-be to change their plans for their dream weddings. There is nothing surpising about this except the fact that you will need to be aware of best places to have a destination wedding. If you are on a budget, it would be just fine to be aware of the best places to go.

The destinations that we are talking about are the places where you will go with your whole family and spend days in 5-star resorts without worrying about the cost. Call the power of the unique packages which some of the well known resorts offer.

 Belize Mexico remains the favourite destination for love birds looking to tie the knot. With just $1000, you will be taken care of. If you want to bring in all your guests, a budget of $2,000 would be enough.

Coming close second is Sedona, Arizona which has rustic backdrop for the nuptials. Yet you do not have to pay an arm and leg for the destination.

You have not exhausted the opportunities out there when it comes to best places to have a destination wedding. The Destin Florida has all the features of the dream destination that you would ever want to have.

At only a third of the room prices, the Negril in Jamaica is the destination of choice. But this does not  mean that you should not try out the O’ahu  in Hawaii ,the Waitsfield   in Vermont  and the Skinner Barn are just but a few destinations you would want a piece of. They are worth your budget, not forgetting that you could still stand a chance of saving some few dollars here and there.  The all inclusive ones are all you need to go for when it comes to best places to have a destination wedding