Frankly speaking, you would probably get cold feet from the mere thought of having to invite hundreds of close relatives and friends into a church or to a hotel to join you in celebrating your wedding. You will also agree that it is every couples dream to get married amidst warm breezes, breath-taking sunset and sand beneath their toes to mention the least.

Amidst all of the imagination of seeing your immediate family and friends gathered close to you and your partner on you big day, it is very easy to be overwhelmed however the question you need to ask yourself is: “are you able to foot the bill of a destination wedding?”

According to recent reports from a wedding survey conducted by one high profiled wedding magazine, close to 32% of all couples are always interested in having destination wedding. Unfortunately, very few actually have any idea about destination wedding cost. Just so you know, the average price for this kind of wedding is around $1,000 dollars for each guest excluding gifts. Although there are a few couples to whom this amount ($1000 per guest) isn’t such a huge deal, to the vast majority of couples, this is usually such a serious financial preposition as far as destination wedding cost in concerned.

Below is an overview of some key suggestions that not only will help give you a clear idea of destination wedding cost, they would also help you realise the wedding of your dreams. They include:

  1. Comparing different locations in a bid to identify the most suitable/affordable location.
  2. Informing your potential guests in advance that you are planning a destination wedding. Doing so is very important since it will help you figure out the number of attendees once the word gets out there judging by the responses you will get in return.
  3. Looking for discount offers and finding out about as well as comparing hotel accommodation options

In addition to all of the above about destination wedding cost, you should be aware not to expect everyone to attend since obviously from all of those who you send out invites to, there must be a few who would most definitely back out.