If we are planning of a wedding, it is a concern of many people to get something unique, unusual and out of this world. It should be truly so because a wedding is one day thing and it should leave fresh memories and experience. Looking for unusual wedding venues is the hardest task here because many brides do not know of what to expect in a venue that is outstanding and beautiful. If you happen to get one unusual venue, then you should relax because it will not only breathe taking but also decorate your day with happiness.

The following are some of the collections of the venues that are a bit unique

Underground caves

Have you ever thought of a cave being your destination for your wedding? This is one of unusualwedding venues that few people would know about. Since it a one day thing, opting to travel this road is not badly of because long lasting effect can be created by the couple. If you are the kind of people are love nature, then this should be automatically the way to go for your d- day.

TV studios

This is another one of the unique unusual wedding venues. I know it has never crossed your mind that such a thing can be put into practice. You can go that extra mile on your big day and exchange your vows on in the TV studios.

Iconic landmarks

This is another great awesome out of this world idea to hold your wedding from.  You can exchange your vows on these landmarks of your choice and make it one of the long lasting impressions to your special. Since this day is special, you too should do the things in a special and unique way. Taking a road that is less travelled is the way to for the celebration of your achievement.