A wedding is quite an expensive occasion since everything that you might be undertaking requires cash. All the services like the venues, caters, photography crew and so many others need money in order for perfect coordination.  If however youare planning a wedding on a fixed budget then that should not worry you much. There are a plenty of creative ideas which will make the cost of a wedding slash by half. One of the greatest idea to minimize the cost is by the venue. Most people look for a venue that has a place of ceremony and a reception.

The following are ways in which to find affordable wedding venues.

Shifting a wedding day to a different day other than Saturday

It is a tradition that people wed on a Saturday. This therefore can be a win for you if you decide to marry on either Sunday or Friday. On these days, the prices are always down in comparison with Saturdays which are always on demand.

Opting for small towns instead of big ones

Affordable wedding venues can be found in small towns. This is because prices are usually higher in big cities. Going farther from the town is the way to go for a better deal

Havea morning wedding

This can be tricky but a sure way to get affordable wedding venues. This morning wedding can save a lot of money.  This is because it is always cheaper to serve lunch other than dinner to your guests.

Choosing a single venue

When you are in search of a venue, go for the one that offers both the ceremony and reception. This will allow you to save the money which would have been used instead in either of the venue.