Intimate weddings have become very popular. The increase in their popularity is not only attributed to the fact that they are very affordable. In addition to the above, this type of weddings are also spent with people who are dearest to the bride and groom which is another thing that makes them very special.

Speaking of intimate wedding venues, below is an overview of some of the best venues in Denver here you can hold your intimate wedding ceremony as well as the reception, they include:

The Black Swan on the border of downtown Denver

It is a wonderful option for a small wedding ceremony, it has a private space on the ground which is able to fit close to 50 people with the ceilings very high up, the floors wooden and a grand staircase. Another good thing about it is the fact that its ambiance usually exudes nothing but simple elegance. What’s more, there is a back area where you can put up a tent if you want more space.

An art gallery

Here, there are two options, you can either settle for the studio 11 which has the capacity to host upto 5o people or the emerging artists’ gallery which can seat a maximum of 35 people. Either of the two would still make your wedding worth the while.

Mikuni Sushi

It is the best place in case you are interested in a modern Japanese themed wedding. Take note, it is important to understand the fact that they only allow for in house catering. They also have a small banquet room which is able to host as much as 20 people.


It is another unique intimate wedding venue. It is a perfect location if you have no more than 70 guests. Hosting your guests there would be like having your wedding inside of your own winery. This location is characteristic of a Tuscan theme and also has a bar and patio from where your guests can easily enjoy the wedding ceremony and wine.