The Lenox Hotel here is historic and if you want to spice things up, you can just land here in a helicopter. If you have no idea what we are talking about, we are describing one of the Boston wedding venues. Welcome to the luxury that is Boston where fairly wedding venues are found. There is every reason why you should choose the Boston wedding venues over so many others.

Perfect space

The first thing you will notice is that there is space for your wedding. Bridal showers for one require a lot of space. You will realize that Boston wedding venues have just the space that you need and no matter how big your entourage is, it will be accommodated with enough space to spare.

Wedding receptions

To say that the Boston wedding venues have grand wedding receptions is an understatement. This ideally means that you will have those memorable receptions that you keep replaying in your mind.

Wedding packages

The perception that Boston wedding venues are expensive is a misplaced one. This is because they come in the form of a package and one thing about the eddying packages is that they are usually highly subsidised.

Wedding planners

Those who have the expertise to help you plan things will be at your beck and call. Boston has no shortage of the wedding planners. You will find them ready to help you with a warm smile. They will personalize things for you, starting with venue, themes, the decor, flowers, music and so much more. You will not need to go anywhere else.


There are excellent rates for everything and this could perhaps explain there are many people opting for this destinations. Costs which are prohibitive drive away potential clients but you will find that things are very different here.