Not every one of us is able to plan for big weddings. This is for various reasons such as a tight budget, need for privacy, personal decisions and so on. Yet you will find that small destination weddings are just as marvellous as the big ones. It is really about the way you look at things. If you are intent on small destination weddings, the following are ideas that you would probably opt for.

Choose your destination well

The destination will determine how your wedding will be like. For starters, if you choose an expensive location, your wedding will be just like any other wedding but in a less glamorous location. Ensure that the budget is not strained by booking a 5 star resort that is absolutely unnecessary.

Reduce your guest number

If you are for small destination weddings right from start, then have a reasonable number of guests. If you have invited 300 people to your wedding, these cannot be regarded as a small wedding. Make it 50 and a you are good to go.

Remove the fanfare

Some weddings can be detailed to the extent that one cannot technically say that they are indeed small destination weddings. Make it a simple one that is full of fun. Have the photo shoots on location and allow for a getaway honeymoon that is not far away from venue of location. This will just work magic for you.


Everything is about planning. There are a lot of details even for small destination weddings. The fact that it is a small wedding does not mean that you take anything for granted. You will find that the small ideas tend to be forgotten yet they are the ones that matter in the scheme of things. It is not the size that matters at all; rather, it is the way you view it.