Whether it’s a casual or glamorous marriage ceremony, a wedding at the beach is a growing trend. This is because of the romance, entertainment and excitement associated with beaches. Who does not enjoy relaxing with soft breezes blowing over the turquoise water?

7 reasons why a wedding at the beach is what you need.

  1. Hardly any rules means you are at liberty to customize your wedding to your liking and a wedding at the beach meansyou do not have to conform to conservative wedding protocol.
  2. Uninterrupted white sand beaches,tropical flora and seemingly interminable seas mean you get post card worthy photos of your wedding at the beach.
  3. Awedding at the beachallows you to be unique with the theme. Pirate for one would be epic. Your imagination is the only limit here and your wedding might be the most memorable for all involved.
  4. A beach wedding means you are already in a destination. So afterwards, you do not have to travel again to another destination for the honeymoon. That for you means saving some money and who does not value that!

5.A wedding at the beach is less rigid affair compared to traditional church weddings. This means simplicity is key so numerous flowers are not necessary, neither is the traditional gown or an out of proportion reception. The beach offers a perfect set to cover all these.

  1. A wedding at the beach will give you more time with your loved ones even after the ceremony. This is because you do not have to rush off to your honeymoon because you are already in a destination. They might even decide to stay longer themselves!
  2. Pretty much nothing else can match all the fun you and your guests can have when holding a beach wedding. Being less formal, anything goes. Well, almost anything.