We offer you the top two best wedding destinations for wedding couples; from white-sand beaches all the way to picturesque mountaintops and vineyards we guarantee you that you will definitely love these places.

  1. Aruba

Sugar strands (favourite for Baby Beach), unimaginable nightlife with dozens of casinos, a rich multicultural history comprising of Indians, Africans and European who all combine to form the Arubans, and one more strategic point is that Breezy Aruba receives one of the highest number of visitors for one main reason it is a safe place located south of hurricane belt with no dangers from the tropical belt storms which can cause great havoc making it an ideal best wedding destination. This is one of the ideal places I have ever visited, very ideal for weddingoccasions. For the actual legal wedding ceremonies it must take place inside the City Hall starting from Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Anything else can take place anywhere you may find suitable. Copies of your birth certificates with an apostil, passports, two witnesses with passports, and single-status reports is all need for you to be allowed to conduct your wedding here.

  1. Arizona

From the moment you step foot in Arizona you are met by beautiful ski slopes, red rocks and desert dunes which are all a true demonstration of a best wedding destination. Enjoy a forested mountain and take your photos at Humphreys Peak, the Grand Canyon National Park is already to host all your guests provided you secure the special-use permit. There luxury resorts further south of Arizona at the spa mecca Scottsdale. Live Native American flute music is all available in spiritual Sedona. All what you need to present to the clerks of courts are  your IDs and certified copies of your birth certificates for those under thirty; your required to pay $ 76 fee either with cash or money orders no checks allowed.