We all at one point or another in life desire to have that fairly tiled romantic wedding reception. This is never far away from the reality, but it takes lots of planning to have just the kind of reception that would be described as perfect.

The bride wants to feel like a princess on this special day. You definitely wouldn’t want to spoil anything the last minute. It all starts with the choice of location. If the destination is fantastic, things will be easier for you as you will only be required just to apply some little imagination to make it perfect.


Make me as sensual as you can possibly can. The candle lit dinner in the starry night or a fire at the beach are some of the hallmarks of the romantic wedding ideas that would blow your mind away.


The choice of the destination should inspire your reception theme. To understand this better, take a look at the Eiffel Tower where you go photo shooting as well. It should give you an idea about the Parisian theme. This will cover everything from the save-the-date card to the napkins to be used. It would definitely be the most romantic wedding reception ever!

Some locations are more  romantic than others and there is no doubt that you would go for the botanical gardens to vineyards as opposed to choosing town areas where there are only buildings to see. The ornate and chandeliers would change everything. Old mansions would be ideal for their rustic background and you would probably come off as not only though full but a thoroughly romantic wedding.

The hues or the colours including the silvers, whites and pinks will add to the radiance. Pull off such surprises to the reception and it will be one of the most unforgettable receptions ever.