Big weddings tend to be very draining both mentally and physically. This could explain why there are simple beach wedding set ups. The latter is more intimate and is not as detailed as the former. If you want to succeed in this endeavour, it would help in hindsight to do the following.

Decide on type

For many people, it can be anything. However, you will realize that there is need to distinguish between the private and a public simple beach wedding. If for example you only have 50 guests, there is an overwhelming need to look for a private property in the beach for the wedding instead of having a public one.


When it comes to the   simple beach wedding, you would need to decide if the reception and the ceremony would be held in the same location or one would be done elsewhere. If it is a public one, you might need to find out if it would be feasible to have both at the same venue. The disturbances in the location might mar your otherwise beautiful wedding such that even photo shoot outs and the noise levels could be a recipe for disaster. Planning in advance could save you from the obvious agony.


The assumption that beaches are free for all and that one can do what they want is a misplaced one. You will find that every State has own set of rules regarding their use. For instance, there could be need for a special license before one is allowed to go ahead with their simple beach wedding set up. One should be able to enquire in advance what the requirements are so that you do not end up rubbing the authorities the wrong way and especially on one of the most important days in your life.