Depending on your choice beach, the number of people around will follow the season, whether high or low. Southern California is all year round while in places like Maine, beach season is a meager two to three months. Florida on the other hand is hurricane zone. Point is, find out beforehand what season it is where you will hold your wedding on a beach. For every situation, there is the good and the bad. High season bad include:

  • The police are on high alert. (not so much privacy)
  • The beaches are packed
  • The hotel rates are prohibitively high.

Low season sees awful weather patterns. This however translates to:

  • Falling accommodation rates
  • More privacy for your event
  • You can negotiate for a better venue at a lower cost

You can also hold your wedding on a beach that has off-peak season but with perfect weather. You only need to find one such beach. Either way, get ready to see some uninvited guests as there is always that curious one who gets to the party for the fun of it even though more often than not you will not even notice them. The more the merrier though right?

To hold a wedding on a beach, this is what you need to know.Essentially, all ocean beaches in America are public. However, with a small party, you have the option of hiring a private secluded beach property to hold you wedding on a beach for more privacy from prying eyes. The earlier you find a venue the better as most people owning this type of properties value their privacy so much most will not let out their property for such an event. It is no reason to lose heart though as there are those who will be belated to share their property to make your dream come true.