According to reports, the most unique beach wedding reception ideas are sparked by imagination and not by tradition. As a couple, in the process of planning your wedding, it is strongly advised that you never focus on etiquette, timelines or tradition. Instead, place a lot of emphasis on doing what makes your invited guests happy. Keep in mind, your wedding is a time for fun and celebration.

In order to properly plan for your beach wedding reception, it is strongly advised that you first off have a clear idea of:

  1. Your wedding theme
  2. The exact time of day you would like to have the ceremony
  3. The kind of atmosphere that you would like to create

By answering these questions, expect great beach wedding reception ideas to follow. Below are some additional ideas you should consider sine they will help you set up a unique beach wedding reception. Having a clear idea of the size of your guest list and your budget will also help you determine which path you should take as far as planning is concerned. In addition to this, feel free to follow the ceremony with a wine and cheese reception as well as dancing.

Another very important thing to take note of is the fact that formal afternoon weddings will most likely lead to sit down planned menus. This means that caterers will be necessary as well to help in attending to the guests. Good news is, the entire affair will be attended to without you having to lift a single finger though for a price. Taking into consideration all of the above, in order to cut on costs, it is strongly advised that you focus on limiting the menu and the guests.

Everything taken into consideration, in case you have a large guest list and a limited budget, it is strongly advised that you avoid marrying late in the afternoon. This is because most of your guests would be hungry hence look forward to the dinner reception (which you may have not planned for).